Twelfth book of the year. Goblet of Fire really feels like an end to the first four years of fun and the beginning of the next three doom and gloom books. Everything gets a lot more serious and very real for the characters in the final act, as the current Wizarding World falls apart with the return of the Dark Lord. I particularly enjoy how the first third of this book isn’t even spent at Hogwarts and just how epic this book feels. I take it back, this is my favourite so far! Thought the film was rubbish in comparison. Again. 📚

Eleventh book of the year. Back to re-reading Harry Potter before seeing The Cursed Child next month! Azkaban is such a step up compared to those first two years at Hogwarts, with the introduction of wizard prison, criminals, Dementors and complicated relationships with your godfather(!) it originally felt like he darkest of the series, making it my favourite of the series, it’s definitely been my fav so far as I re-read! I want to ride on the Knight Bus, my own cat like Crookshanks and a time turner pls. 📚 Ps. I’ve also been rewatching the films too and I thought this film was a bit rubbish compared to how I remembered it.