Fifteenth book of the year. I did it! I finished reading the final few pages “Nineteen Years Later” sat in my seat for The Cursed Child, which ended up being such perfect timing. A wonderful and epic climax to the story, and very odd that I got to finish this and look up to find out what happens next. I always loved The Deathly Hallows as a conclusion to it all, it always felt so spectacular and the ending so satisfyingly right. I’ve loved every minute of these re-reads, I would HIGHLY recommend doing it if you’re heading to see Cursed Child, I already want to re-read them again! 📚⚡️

Fourteenth book of the year. Just finished the Half-Blood Prince over the weekend and now I have five days to re-read the Deathly Hallows before seeing The Cursed Child! I had a lot more enjoyment reading The Half-Blood Prince this time round, (as I have been with all these re-reads tbh!) especially as I’ve only ever re-read the last two books once. I seem to recall always finding book six very much a middle ground book with not as much happening, dealing with the aftermath of the Order and setting up Horcruxes for Deathly Hallows but obviously the ending is so much bigger then just that. Originally this book was kind of ruined for me by knowing a “death” was going to happen so I spent so much of it waiting and working out where it was going. This time I revelled in the story so much more and really enjoyed Dumbledore’s lessons for Harry of Voldermort’s past in the Pensieve, I couldn’t remember hardly any of that. I’m even more excited by the fact that I can’t remember much about The Deathly Hallows now, here we go… ⚡️📚