Thirteenth book of the year. The Harry Potter I always remembered the least, perhaps because it was the biggest of all of them and I think I only re-read it once. After the final events of Goblet of Fire this is when I feel the stories get appropriately darker and more gritty for our characters, way more then say the “dark” Prisoner of Azkaban. Order of the Phoenix feels like it really breaks out of the formula of the previous books, with so much taking place outside of the school as well as the constant sense of doom and sadness as everything falls apart in the wizarding world particularly within Hogwarts – everything feels at rock bottom in this book, but actually for that, I really really enjoyed it this time. The only thing that genuinely brought my enjoyment down was my constant fury every time Umbridge was present or did something, credit to JK for making her so real and frustrating. This and Goblet of Fire have been my two favourites so far. 📚#HarryPotter

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