Fifth book of the year. One of my favourite #DoctorWho stories, because I’m always a sucker for a multi-Doctor extravaganza so I enjoyed tucking into this huge extension of it! As Steven Moffat has often said, it’s actually one of the most complicated Doctor Who stories of all time and so putting that into a novel is always going to be a challenge. Steven deals with it all in the most Moffat way, with hilarious out of sequence chapter numbers, introducing a narrator character who chats to the reader throughout and adding in whole new mischievous chunks (that bath scene! The films!) but at the centre of it all is a wonderful retelling of the 50th anniversary story. My particular favourite thing about the book is the focus on the War Doctor in this story, it was really the Eleventh Doctor’s story in 2013 but here it’s told from what feels like the utterly right perspective. Oh and just WAIT till you read chapter nine! 📚

Fourth book of the year. We finally have Target novelisations from the new series! First to read was one of the #DoctorWho stories I’ve probably watched the most. The one that launched it back on to our screens in 2005, the one I feel that I know back to front, and can recite over and over but, as with the best Target novels, one chapter in and you’re already experiencing a whole new dimension to this beloved story with so many new things to discover. From Wilson’s lottery money, to more of Clive, Mickey’s band, a much bigger invasion, what the TARDIS smells like(!) and a few more glimpses of the Doctor throughout time. I absolutely adored this retelling, I can’t wait to go home to my beans on toast and read this again very soon. Fantastic! 📚