Eighth book of the year. Not only is The City of Death one of my favourite #DoctorWho stories of all time, it is in fact one of the top stories that I would recommend to others. With it’s fast pace, hilarity and absurdness all set against the backdrop of picturesque Paris (and a dash or renaissance’s Italy), throw in a few Mona Lisa’s and the absolute dream pairing of the Fourth Doctor and Romana II, all wrapped up in a brilliant Douglas Adams story! The original novelisation that James Goss wrote in 2015 was so glorious, entirely capturing Douglas Adams’ voice and direction into a wonderful novel. Having this cutdown version of that, mainly focusing on the stuff we see on screen, was still equally brilliant. The image of Scaroth’s face slipping off will stay with me forever. I could read it again and again! 📚

Seventh book of the year. Paul Cornell’s Twice Upon A Time is a wonderful version of the Twelfth Doctor’s last story, both a tribute to Steven Moffat’s last story and a real love letter to the old Target novels. I particularly enjoyed Bill’s destiny with Heather, the way he wrote the regeneration scene(!), the Masterplan joke (I made the same joke in a tweet before Christmas tee hee) and revisiting things that were in the original script, such as Borusa’s poem. A great read! 📚