Nineteenth book of the year. First graphic novel of the year!I’ve wanted to read this since I first read about it as a teenager in Doctor Who Magazine, and now I could thanks to this beautiful reprint. I mainly enjoyed the nostalgia of a Seventh Doctor comic strip, one of my fav strips as a kid was a Seventh Doctor one (The Mark of Mandragora), growing up as a fan in the 90s it felt like McCoy and McGann were my Doctors, consuming so much of their books and comics. In this, the joining up of the dots between two classic Davros stories in a slightly more timey wimey way (before timey wimey was such a thing) was really fun, the titular strip felt like a classic Dalek strip from the sixties, the brilliant Lee Sullivan totally captures that essence. I especially enjoyed the added element of the Seventh Doctor knowing how everything plays out, every story in this felt like this Doctor making a chess move in his master plan of fixing and tweaking the universe. Enjoyed all of the collection throughout, including the opening Sontaran story and the small multi-Doctor strip! Now, when do I get to read Ground Zero? 📚

Eighteenth book of the year. I’ve wanted to read Peter Ackroyd’s London for a few years now and this felt like a perfect precursor. A fascinating book about underneath London, from the old rivers to the secret passageways to (my fav) the tube network! The whole book felt like my Grandad was walking me round London as a kid again, teaching me something new and hidden about every street. I’m probably going to re-read this very soon just to take some notes. Brilliant book! 📚